Whistleblowing channel

The scope of this channel covers reports related to any breaches of current regulations, the code of conduct or other policies of Matrix Renewables (Spain), S.L.U., including its subsidiaries and affiliates.

You may report your complaint anonymously to the following address:

Compliance Director

C/ Alcala 81
28009 Madrid

You can also report your complaint through this website. It is recommended that you provide your contact details to facilitate any follow-up, clarification or assistance during the potential investigation, but the report can also be made anonymously, in which case Matrix Renewables ensures that the IT tools used to manage the report will at all times protect the confidentiality and anonymity, if any, of the whistleblower.

All information provided is voluntary; we recommend that you try to be as specific as possible in terms of names and details of business groups, companies, departments, divisions, persons, documents, processes, etc. Also try to remember, places, dates, time, amounts, persons involved and facts.