Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) standards:

Matrix Renewables seeks to be a global leader in this space within our industry and we consider ESG matters as core to our business, rather than just a matter of compliance. We believe that following high ESG standards across all our activities and geographies is the only way to do business. Moreover, we are firmly committed to having an overall positive impact on the environment and the communities and we are determined to contribute to decarbonization and tackle climate change in a just and responsible manner.

Furthermore, the proactive and continuous improvement approach that we take to operate in alignment with international ESG standards does not only help mitigate risks and impacts but also adds value to the firm, our shareholders, our customers, our partners, and other stakeholders.

Matrix Renewables also strives to work with contractors, suppliers and partners that share a similar view on ESG matters. We believe that there are always opportunities to drive positive and ongoing ESG change throughout the industry value chain, and we strive to contribute to this.

You can see our 2021 Sustainability Update here, which is a first effort to briefly capture our early achievements in 2021.